Cloud Computing and Web Development

  1. Developing cloud platforms for storing, processing, and visualising spatial and non-spatial data along with building multiple Business Intelligence dashboards for processing and visualising almost real-time data

  2. Developing e-commerce websites

  3. Developing tourism websites

Below screenshots belong to one of our developed asset management websites. We built this webiste in AWS and loads the WMS of about 450K houses in a few seconds and has advanced info-graphics based on the New Zealand Meta Standards.

Below screenshot shows the menu and types of the pipes along with 2.5D view of a city.

Below screenshot shows the recorded data on the left along with the analysis of the status of an object (i.e. asset) in a form of diagram based on the New Zealand Metadata standard after clicking on that object.

Below screenshot shows the functionally of the address finder which allows user to search and then jump to the clicked address.

Below screenshot shows various layers along with the city names printed on the map.

Below screenshot shows the management panel which allows the admin to change the security settings of users based on the group they have been assigned to.

Below is a sample of one of our multilingual e-commerce websites. This website allows traders to advertise and sell their products.

Below is an screenshot of the management plan of the one of our e-commerce websites, which allows traders to edit and delete their products.

Below is a sample of one of our tourism websites which allows customers to view, book, and comment on the booked rooms.

Below is another screenshot of one of our tourism websites.

Below is another screenshot of one of our e-commerce websites.