Transportation Modelling

Using Bluetooth detectors to monitor urban traffic flow with applications to traffic Management along with large-scale evacuation modelling. More information is available here. These kinds of modelings assist city planners to monitor and manage the traffic and also estimate the evacuation time of a city (or some parts of a city) based on various criteria (What If scenarios).

Below is an screenshot of the simulation of communication protocols in vehicles.

Below show the Travel times for the same route in Google Maps (left, 7 minutes) and the simulation environment (right, 435 seconds) for our research about traffic modelling.

Below shows the volume of detected vehicles from Bluetooth Traffic Monitoring Systems in our research.

Below screenshot shows the potential volume of vehicles during a large-scale evacuation scenario which was studied and modeled in our research.

Below screenshot shows the impacted routes during the Kaikoura earthquake, 7.8 (Mw), as the result of our transportation research.